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Open Source software for VFX


Event Description
23th August 2019 Initial release of this website, and offering of services provided
20th August 2019 Initial release of cmdx (0)
5th August 2019 Initial release of Allzpark (0, 1, 2)
14th October 2018 Release of Avalon (0)
14th July 2014 Release of Pyblish (0)


I make lots of software, these are the ones I currently provide services for.

Name Description
pyblish Test-driven content creation framework
avalon Pipeline framework
allzpark Application launcher
cmdx Fast subset of maya.cmds
bleeding-rez Rez for application launchers Minimal shim around PySide, PySide2, PyQt4 and PyQt5

Open Source

If you would like to use any of the above software, go right ahead - they are all free.


If you need support or additional features , fill in the form below or send me an email to get in touch.

  • Integration - Save time reading through documentation and asking around the interwebs for clues. I'll get your company and staff setup with any of my projects in 1-4 weeks.
  • Support - Get help 1-on-1, either on-site or remotely.
  • Training - Make the most out of my software with on-site or remote training of staff.
  • New - Got an idea for something new? Let's get crackin'

I provide rich documentation on a weekly, sometimes daily basis for any of my commissions (see here and here). I'm based in London, travel internationally and charge around £600-800/day depending on complexity, location, urgency and duration of the task, with preferred contract lengths anywhere between 2-12 weeks.